Š 2023-03-25, 19:00
Žalgiris arena, Kaunas
no34.5 €
2023-03-25, 19:00

Žalgiris arena, Kaunas

no34.50 €

New Year's Shows in the biggest arenas of Lithuania already became a good Lithuanian tradition and this year we invite you to celebrate New Year’s Eve with legendary Chris Norman and the band "Electric Light Orchestra by Phil Bates", which will be accompanied by the Kaunas City Symphony Orchestra.

These spectacular two-part concerts will feature the most popular hits of rock songs of both bands, which like a luxury champagne - tastes better every year. These are “Midnight Lady”, “Stumblin' In”, “Living Next Door to Alice”, “Needless and Pins”, “I'll Meet You at Midnight”, “Don't Play Your Rock 'N Roll to Me”, “What Can I Do” and many others from the repertoire of “Smokie” and Chris Norman. “Electric Light Orchestra by Phil Bates” songs’arsenal includes the best works of the legendary ELO – “Don't Bring Me Down”, “Confusion”, “Mr. Blue Sky”, “Hold On Tight”, “All Over The World”, “Ticket To The Moon” and many more.

CHRIS NORMAN - The golden voice of “Smokie” Chris Norman (real name Christopher Ward Norman) was born in 1950 in the county of Yorkshire in the United Kingdom, in a family of artists. At the age of twelve, he entered Bradford Boys' School, where he met his band mates, future “Smokie” members Alan Silson and Terry Uttley. The real success to the guys came in 1975 with the release of “Smokie” debut album “Pass It Around”, co-produced with famous producers and songwriters Nicky Chinn and Mike Chapman. The year of 1978 can be called the golden age of "Smokie" - the album "The Montreaux Album" was released and received the highest reviews from critics, and the duet song "Stumblin' in" by Chris Norman and Suzie Quatro entered the TOP-10 positions of the American "Billboard". Although in 1986 Chris Norman left Smokie and started a solo career, his discography is really impressive - over 50 singles and more than 30 albums have been released, more than 30 million records have been sold worldwide.

“Electric Light Orchestra by Phil Bates” and Kaunas City Symphony Orchestra

The hits of the cult group will be performed on stage by singer and guitarist Phil Bates, a former member of "ELO Part 2" and "The Orchestra", who has been performing successfully in various countries of the world for more than 25 years. Protecting the legacy of “Electric Light Orchestra”, Phil Bates pays special attention to the authentic sound of ELO, but at the same time he is constantly looking for new accents. On New Year's Eve, the audience will have a unique opportunity to listen to the fantastic music of “Electric Light Orchestra”, enriched with an extremely powerful accompaniment by Kaunas City Symphony Orchestra.



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